Why Choose a Local Water Delivery and Vending Service in Sacramento

Apart from the drought, California also has another threat to its water supply: toxic wastewater. The Sacramento Bee reported that the oil industry’s habit of dumping wastewater is a major contributor to this issue. According to some recently revealed investigations and documents, state regulators have allowed over 2,400 illegal injection wells for oil production or wastewater disposal into protected Aquifers of California. Some of these stores hold water clean enough for human consumption or crop irrigation.

Several of those wells were shut down in the previous summer, but many oil companies are still dumping wastewater into supposedly protected underground resources, as admitted by state officials. This poses a significant risk to the water supply of California and to its citizens. Aside from this, there have also been reports of arsenic and nitrates found in the state’s waters.


Sacramento Water Delivery Services: For Clean and Safe Drinking Water

Sacramento bottled water companies like AquaPerfect provide water that has had the latest and best in water purification technology and the most stringent of quality control measures to ensure that the bottled water products that arrive at your company door are totally clean and safe to drink. Not only that, they ensure prompt delivery service, so you’ll always have a fresh new batch of bottled water ready in case you run low.

Whether you’re connected to city water or a well, it pays to have your drinking water supplied by trusted Sacramento water delivery companies like AquaPerfect. It’s the only way to ensure you have a constant supply of clean and safe drinking water in your office.